Niku Steakhouse

61 Division St San Francisco, CA 94103
Visited in December 2019

I don’t think most people in San Francisco would flinch knowing there’s a A5 Wagyu butcher shop in the city; this city is pretty extra. Niku Steakhouse, and it’s associated “The Butcher Shop” are another foray into east-asian cuisine by the Omakase group; this time with beef on their mind. Chef Dustin Falcon and butcher Guy Crimson lead this operation of salivation. I’ve already gone twice since they’ve opened up.

Both times I had visited I had an excellent time with the meats I had been introduced to. The first time I had went, I think the waitstaff was ignoring our table, making us wait a good 10-15 minutes for our order. Not sure if that was growing pains, but the on-site manager had replaced our server because of it. After that, and the second time coming along I had only experienced good vibes from the staff.

For the dishes, I had tried the the beef tartare, the A5 satsuma, imperial wagyu New York strip, and the bone marrow. My favorite of the bunch had to be the beef tartare and the Wagyu. The wagyu is pretty self-explanatory. But the tartare was both a delicious entree of beef, but came with an interesting assortment of toppings such as onion rings. The other steaks were also delicious, if you’re more into chew, I’d recommend trying those instead.

Niku Steakhouse is another showcase of the power of San Francisco steakhouses on the national playing-field. The prices are pretty decent too, though I’d recommend splitting the bill.

My Order

Beef Tartare
Bone Marrow
A5 Satsuma
Imperial Wagyu New York Strip
Park House Rolls
Chocolate Miso
Chazuke Ice Cream

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