1100 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102
Visited in December 2019

Brunch planning sucks, especially when you’re planning on the day of and the middle spot for all your friends is the tenderloin. You could brave it out and go to Brenda’s and wait a few hours for a spot (still worth). But if you’re feeling a little lazy, and still want something decent to eat, find your way up at Villon.

Villon, named to sound like “Villain” is a restaurant based inside the Proper Hotel in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. With it’s short menu it comes together with some decent options for a nice brunch. When I visited on a Sunday I got myself some tea, a full “Villon” breakfast, a croissant and the French toast.I would say my favorites would have to be the French Toast and the croissant. The Villon breakfast was filling, but not very inspiring, would probably just get their sweet dishes next time.

Moral of the Story, come to Villon for their sweet breakfast options, they’re pretty good. If you’re in a rush for brunch I’d say come by. Otherwise I’d probably look for a different option if time permitted.

My Order

Villon Breakfast
French Toast

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